We work exclusively with old-growth Douglas Fir salvaged from local buildings, destined to be demolished, discarded or deserted. Each ancient piece of wood we use tells the story of a previous life. We embrace the character, trans­forming these materials into customizable works of art.


We strive to work in harmony with the natural world. Our business is eco-friendly and truly sustainable in every sense of the word. The reclaimed wood we use is locally sourced, and all of our materials are carefully chosen with the envi­ronment in mind.


We’re storytellers, and woodworking is our language. It begins with the right material, followed by thoughtful, modern design, skilled craftsmanship and an instinct for beauty. We’ve honed our craft over many years and it shows in the quality and consistency of our work, and the diversity of our offering.


We invest in education surrounding the preservation of old-growth forests, and seek to raise awareness around the wasteful nature of the deconstruction and demolition industry. We believe that in order for our environment and economy to thrive, we need to expand understanding, and do our part to close the circle.

Circular Economy

We have chosen to source the majority of our wood from pre-1940’s homes that are being demolished or deconstructed in the greater Vancouver area. Every year, an average of 3200 homes are demolished in the Lower Mainland. This equates to approximately 320,000,000 kgs of high quality materials that ishttps://www.heritagelumber.ca/ wasted. Approximately 1,000 of those are in the city of Vancouver with 60% to 70% of these being pre-1940s homes.

The transition from demolition to deconstruction is one of the single greatest shifts we can have in society. At First Growth, we are proud to be directly impacting this shift. Our main collaborators are Unbuilders Deconstruction, the national leaders in the de-construction industry. Their sales division is Heritage Lumber. We source all of our reclaimed Douglas fir from houses they have hand de-constructed, which saves thousands of tons of valuable wood from being sent to the landfill or chipped up for biofuel.


 homes demolished ever year

320m kg

quality materials waste

1.1m kg

of material diverted from

disposal in 2019