More than just reclaimed wood

First Growth is more than just reclaimed wood. It’s a representation of founder Garet Robinson’s vision to reimagine local history in the form of beautiful objects for the home. With origins rooted in Vancouver, we are committed to reducing levels of resource destruction, by utilizing reclaimed materials to create products of both function and form.

The origin of First Growth Reclaimed (formerly The Uncommon Good and Aarhus Reclaimed) began in 2013 from a small garage located behind a house in the heart of the Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, B.C..

“I had been building furniture for my own home from old pallets, cedar fencing, and such, when a neighboring 1920’s house started getting renovated. I became curious and started salvaging some of the first growth lumber that was being thrown away during the renovation. Once cleaned up and de-nailed, the depth and beauty of the wood was revealed. I was immediately hooked and began to learn more about the history of our old growth trees here in the Pacific Northwest. This experience planted the seed that grew into what is now First Growth Reclaimed Design.”


Reclaiming the wood

Instead of contributing to the commercial waste that already overwhelms our landfills, I have chosen to source all of our wood from pre-1940’s homes that are being demolished or deconstructed in the greater Vancouver area. Every year, upwards of 1,000 homes are taken down just in the city of Vancouver. Approximately 60% to 70% of these are pre-1940s homes. The lumber in these older dwellings typically comes from first growth trees that would have been 300 to over 1,000 years old. Without salvaging, this wood would either end up in the landfill or chipped up for fuel. Thus, by reclaiming the wood, the story of the old growth trees continues to live on through the repurposed home and decor pieces.


The origin

First Growth Reclaimed is a part of the ever growing community of people who care about the planet’s history and are therefore working to protect its future. Unfortunately, many of the old growth forests in our region are gone, due to extensive logging over the past several hundred years. Most of the wood I use is Douglas Fir; known for its durability, strength, and abundance on the British Columbia Coast. Douglas fir was used in all aspects of construction in these older homes. I also use Cedar, Spruce and Hemlock as it is acquired, usually in smaller quantities. All of these wood species are a part of our regional heritage. I am truly honored to be sharing the stories and importance of these old growth forests.

Currently, First Growth Reclaimed Design operates out of our shop in East Van. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to come by.